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Jamyang Yeshi was born into a nomadic family in the Amdo region of Tibet and escaped across the Himalayas in 1998,  settling in Dharamsala, India.  Soon after his arrival there, he founded the group, Youth from Snowland, which later became the popular Aku Pema Performing Arts group.  During his four years as leader of this group, Jamyang produced two CDs of Amdo music,  “Aku Pema I” and “Aku Pema II,” and he performed at the first Tibetan Music Festival in Dharamsala.

In 2004, Jamyang became a solo performer and released a CD with the singer, Yangchen, “Call from A Far Land.”   He performed in Moscow in a special concert for Richard Gere and Robert Thurman at a major Tibetan Buddhist cultural festival in 2004; in 2005  he was invited to give the opening night performance with Amchok Gompo Dhundup at the “Cultures at Risk” Summit at the Banff Centre in Canada.   Jamyang was also a resident in the Banff Centre’s Music & Sound Department in August, 2005, and during this time, produced a CD, “The Karma of Snowland” with Gompo Dhundup.  Jamyang has performed for His Holiness the Dalai Lama, in Dharamsala, India,  in a special performance for Prince Charles in Delhi in 2002, and with the well-known Tibetan musician, Nawang Khechog, in Toronto, Canada.  He has performed in the United States and has also played at various locations around Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.   His music has been broadcast on CBC radio and the CKUA public radio station.

Jamyang’s latest CD, “Shining Spirit: A Tibetan Family’s Reunion through Music” was released in August 2007, and a documentary film, “Shining Spirit: The Musical Journey of Jamyang Yeshi,” which follows the making of this CD, in Tibet and Canada, was released in September, 2009, and has screened at festivals around the world, including the National Geographic “All Roads” Film Festival (2010) in Washington, D.C., and the 2009 Banff Mountain Film Festival in Canada.  CKUA radio aired a half hour feature on the Shining Spirit project in March, 2008, and tracks from Jamyang’s CDs have been used in the acclaimed mountaineering documentary, “Via Bearzi,” and a soon to be released film on nomadic life in Tibet. In May, 2009, Jamyang was on tour in eastern Europe, and in July, 2009, he performed at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival, and at the Islands Folk Festival on Vancouver Island, B.C.

In September 2009, Jamyang opened for k.d. lang  at an evening concert for the Dalai Lama event in Calgary, Alberta. He toured in the western U.S. in the spring of 2010, and was a special guest at the Telluride Mountainfilm Festival and the Sun Valley Spiritual Film Festival. In the summer of 2010 Jamyang performed at the Vancouver Island Musicfest, the Tibet Festival Vancouver, and at various Tibetan fundraising events.

Jamyang’s current projects include contributing to the New York-based Tibet Fund’s new CD, “Thundrill – Tibetan Contemporary Music, and providing soundtracks for two documentary films, Trikes on the Roof of the World (2012) and the Tibet Oral History Project (2011). In 2011 he performed at the Komasket Music Festival in Vernon, and at various other events around B.C. Jamyang is also working on a Tibetan/Western fusion CD with the well-known Canadian slide guitarist, Doug Cox. His film, Shining Spirit, continues to screen around the world, and will be touring with the National Geographic “All Roads” World Tour in 2012.
Jamyang Yeshi makes his home on Vancouver Island, B.C.

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Gompo Kyab is an accomplished musician from the Amdo region of Tibet. He spent many years in exile in Dharamsala, India, and was a member of the Aku Pema Performing Arts group there. He was also the proprietor, with his wife Tsezin, of the popular Tara Café. In 2004 Gompo returned to Tibet, working as a public health educator and filmmaker for various NGO’s as well as operating a small recording studio and film business in Amdo. He acted as music facilitator and translator for the Shining Spirit recording/film project in the summer of 2006.



Gompo Dhundup is a well-known musician from Amdo, Tibet, and is now living in Toronto with his wife and two sons. He fled Tibet in 2000 and lived in Dharamsala, India, for several years. There he was encouraged by His Holiness the Dalai Lama to join the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA) and teach traditional Amdo music to young Tibetans.

During Gompo’s tenure at TIPA he released numerous CDs under his distinctive OM label, and also produced the first video VCD by a Tibetan in exile. In 2005 he performed with Jamyang Yeshi at The Banff Centre’s “Cultures at Risk” Summit, and has since been performing in many locations in Canada and the United States. Gompo continues teaching, writing music and working on music videos.



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