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In 2006, the Tara Café Project initiated a program to fund the education of children living in the nomadic encampments and rural villages in the ethnic Tibetan region of Amdo, on the rugged eastern Tibetan Plateau (Sichuan & Quinghai provinces, China). While Tibetan children from these nomadic & semi-nomadic families may have the opportunity to attend a Chinese residential school, school fees to attend Tibetan-run schools, where the language of instruction is Tibetan, are beyond the means of many families living under Chinese rule. The Tara Café Project helps impoverished families to send their children to one of three Tibetan schools, where they learn to read and write in their own language, and receive a broad education grounded in their own rich culture.

In 2015, the Tara Café Project enters its 10th year!! We’ve added 12 new students to our sponsorship roster this year, for a total of 34 sponsored school children. They are attending three Tibetan residential schools – primary, middle and high schools – which serve the outlying community near a small town in Amdo. For the cost of $300 - $400, a sponsored child can attend school for one year (two semesters) and receive a set of warm winter clothes, boots, school supplies, and backpack.

In the past nine years our program has addressed a variety of needs, including paying the salary of one previously unpaid Tibetan school teacher, and providing a scholarship for a few promising high school graduates to attend college. As well, we made donations to three schools in need, in the communities of Mangra, Yonru and Chabcha, where funds went towards much needed capital expenses such as desks, chairs, kitchen supplies, basketball nets, books, and yak dung for heating. A sponsored college student finished his three year general studies program in 2011, and our young business school student in Dharamsala completed his one year program in Dehra Dun in the same year.

For the 2015 school year, we are focusing on our primary mandate - raising funds for children age 6 to 17, in the primary, middle and secondary schools. As well, our local Tibetan facilitators, Tsezen and Gompo, a married couple, receive a modest salary from the fund for their invaluable on-the-ground assistance.

2014 Newsletter excerpt: In November/December 2012 I visited Tibet, travelling with Gompo and two friends, and hoped to spend 10 days visiting our sponsored kids in Amdo; however, we were stopped at a police roadblock about 6 hours from our destination, which had just been placed under lockdown by the Chinese authorities in response to unrest in the area, in the form of demonstrations and self-immolations.

2015 Newsletter excerpt: In November of 2014 I tried again to see the kids, despite continued unrest and lockdowns in the area. I was given permission, after checking in at the police station, to spend four days in the town in Amdo where our facilitators live, and the schools are; during that time I was able to meet numerous children and their families. It was heartening to talk to those that are benefiting directly from the project, and see that our work over the past decade is making a big difference in the lives of these families and sponsored children.

The Tara Café Project is pleased to send 100% of your donations to our sponsored children and our liaison workers in Tibet. PLEASE NOTE: We no longer issue tax receipts, in order to save the 15% administrative costs we were incurring through using the services of another organization.

Donations of $300 - $400.00 CND (for sponsorship of one child) or in ANY amount, small or large, can be made by cheque. Please make payable to "The Tara Cafe Project," and mail to:

The Tara Café Project
P.O. Box 105
Banff, Alberta
Canada. T1L 1A2

For further, detailed information about our sponsored schools, the education of Tibetans in Chinese-occupied Tibet, and the Tara Café Project and programs, please contact us at info@taracafeproject.ca to receive the 2015 Tara Café Project Newsletter

Thanks for your support!  
Karen McDiarmid, M.Sc., RCC.
Director, The Tara Café Project