Due to the very difficult and worsening situation for Tibetans inside Tibet, the Tara Cafe Project's sponsorship of nomad school children in the Amdo region of Tibet will be suspended for the 2017 school year.

We have had no contact with our facilitators, since May; however, I have just received a message from them via a mutual Tibetan friend in Australia that they are under intense scrutiny by the Chinese police in their town as it has become known that they've been receiving money from the "outside" and distributing it to families for their children's education in Tibetan-run schools. This is illegal under Chinese law. When I visited Tibet in 2014 I could sense that things were becoming more difficult and so this is not a complete surprise. Many Tibetan children have been forced into large Chinese-run residential schools where Chinese is the language of instruction - very similar to the Indian residential schools that were operating in North America until recently, and with the same goal of cultural genocide.

We're uncertain about the future of the Tara Cafe Project's education program in Tibet and will reassess next year, but in the meantime, our facilitators' safety and well-being are paramount and it is at their request that we are suspending operations for the 2017 school year. Many thanks for everyone's support over the past 11 years!! We will keep you posted on this page and our website with updates and news.

Thank you, and Tashi Delek!!
Karen McDiarmid

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